Playground Surface Impact Softfall & Drop Testing in Australia

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Playground Surface Impact & Drop Testing

Playground Drop Testing

At Playtest our primary objective is to keep the playground areas safe for kids and we offer Playground  Drop Testing across Australia covering all major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide. 

It is essential to perform Playground Drop Testing on playgrounds as they actually may include equipment that can cause a potential risk of injury.

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playground surface impact testing Australia wide

With a team of highly professionals & latest equipment  we offer playground surface impact testing services across Australia. Our professional surface impact testing done with utmost care &professionally with minimal interruption and no damage to the existing surface or materials of the playground.

Softfall Testing

Being the top softfall testing service provider in Australia we perform our onsite softfall testing  to ensure that a playground or softfall safety area complies with the current Australian Standards.

Sop if you are looking for Softfall testing service anywhere in Australia we provide the best services across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide.

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AS4685.0 Requires Your Playgrounds and Products to be tested every Three (3) years to AS4422:2016

Testing in accordance with this Standard shall be undertaken by a laboratory that fulfils the requirements of AS ISO/IEC 17025.


1. A laboratory may demonstrate that it fulfills the requirements of AS ISO/IEC 17025 through accreditation as a signatory member of the International Laboratory Accreditation
Cooperation (ILAC), Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) with a relevant scope of
accreditation to cover the tests being performed.

2. In Australia, the signatory member of the ILAC MRA is the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA).

Product Testing Requires a Company that is ISO17025 NATA/ILAC certified to perform this testing Acoustoscan can do this testing.

Playtest regularly receives enquiries from playground owners regarding playground surfacing and how to determine if their surfacing is compliant with the Australian Standard. Often these enquiries have resulted because the playground owner has been asked to produce test results, certificates of compliance, has purchased new equipment, or has taken over ownership/management of an existing playground.

The Drop Test

Evidence of adequate playground surfacing may be required for the licensing processes of Education and Care Services. Additionally, local councils, schools and commercial playgrounds also benefit from monitoring the performance of the playground surfacing. A drop test will determine if the playground surfacing is continuing to cushion the impact of a fall from the equipment provided in the playground.

A drop test is usually conducted for solid playground surfaces. Loose-fill surfaces installed in playgrounds need to be maintained to appropriate minimum depth to ensure ongoing compliance with the Australian Standard (check the test results of the loose-fill product for the minimum depths).

A drop test is recommended following the installation of the solid playground surfacing to confirm that the installation meets the critical fall height rating in accordance with the Australian Standard.
Select a drop testing company that calibrates their rigs to Australian Standard AS4422:2016 and can provide documentation as evidence of calibration to the Australian Standard.

Further Points to Consider

It is important to understand what the test results mean and how they will support you in the event of an accident.
Be present at the time of playground surfacing installation so you can monitor what is being laid. A post-installation drop test can put your mind at rest.

It is good practice to have a drop test conducted every 3 years to monitor the performance of your solid playground surfacing and ensure that your surface is performing over its lifespan.

Softfall & Surface Testing in Australia