Playground Safety Inspection In Australia: Everything You Need To Know About

Taking your child to the playground may be a fun way to get some exercise, bonding, and interaction with others. Unfortunately, every year, unsafe playground conditions, such as equipment malfunctions and poor surface designs, cause child injuries across Australia.

It is critical to be informed of the guidelines for playground safety inspection in Australia in order to keep your children safe.

Playground safety inspection and supervision

Ensuring that all the children on the playground are carefully supervised by a responsible adult is one of the best ways to prevent playground injuries. In fact, many of the injuries that do occur on playgrounds can be easily avoided with proper monitoring and intervention.

  • Before taking your child to a new playground, you should have the facilities inspected to ensure its safety
  • You can contact a local playground safety inspection specialist in Australia to do that for you
  • Additionally, as a parent you should supervise the children on the playground equipment, and that every part of the playground is visible from that location
  • Moreover, it is a good idea to examine the behaviours of children on the playground

Playground Surface testing

When children run and play, it is likely that they will fall down from time to time. As a result, one of the most important safety aspects of playgrounds is the surface design. A child who falls down on a hard playground surface is likely to get serious injuries.

You can contact a local playground surface testing specialist in Australia to ask for inspection of a few things:

  • A soft and cushioning material such as sand, shredded rubber, mulch, for cushioning in the event that a child falls down.
  • Surface material depth which should be at least 200 mm deep for playground equipment that is at least 2m  high.
  • Circumstances that reduce the cushioning ability of the surface materials

Safety hazard inspection. Get in touch with a local professional playground safety inspection expert in Australia today!