Keep Children Safe With Our Playground Maintenance Checklist

As a part of the standard, you must regularly you must inspect your playground and document it. Every playground and equipment should be inspected for excessive wear, deterioration, and potential hazards. Properly maintained playground equipment keeps the children safe by preventing or minimizing injuries. It extends the lifetime of the equipment, so it can be cherished for years to come. If you are confused, about where to start when it comes to playground maintenance, you are at the right destination. We have precisely put together a playground maintenance checklist to help your playground in top shape no matter the season.

Maintain Your Playground Equipment

Playground maintenance is not just for the summer months. It is vital to perform the monthly check-up on all the playground necessities. Maintenance is very important at the change of every season; mainly before and after winter, as children spend less time outside during the winter months.

Make Sure You Are Covering The Basic Points

A monthly inspection of your playground is needed to protect kids from any sort of injuries. Here are some specific maintenance checklists which everyone should consider –

  1. Thoroughly inspect your equipment from top to bottom – Look at the roofing ropes, chain, and cables. If any equipment is rusting try to replace it, to maintain safety. You should always tighten the screw and bolts properly for every piece of equipment.
  2. Clean your playground equipment – For proper maintenance, the equipment should be cleaned with mild soap and water.
  3. Store any accessories over the winter – All of the top-quality accessories and add-ons are designed to withstand the elements and can stay outside year-round.

Playground Maintenance Checklist

The perfect way to ensure your playground gets the top maintenance it requires. Hire staffs that have a piece of professional knowledge and have proper knowledge regarding responsibilities and deadlines.

1.Ladder and Climbers

There should not be any missing rungs

There should not be any cracking, slipping, or lost rungs

2. Slides

The support and the anchors should be intact and secure

There should not be any missing bolt or screw.

3. Spinners and bouncers

There should not be exposed moving part mechanism

The moving parts should be well-lubricated and should not be worn out.

4. Structure

The tower, brides and the walkways should be intact

There should not be any visible cracks, warping, or breaks

5. Surfacing

There should not be any standing water in low spots that could harbor insect

The border around the playground should be in proper condition.

6. Swings

There should not be any rust or corrosion on swing chains or seats.

The rubber sleeves on tire swings should not excessively wear out.

Frequent inspection of both the equipment and the grounds of the playground installation make sure that the playing ground is a safe place for kids to play and have fun. A clear systematic playground inspection plan should be recommended including 3 levels. A frequent inspection should be conducted to maintain the safety of the playground.